Resignation of Indonesia’s Minister of Finance Sri Mulyani

The nation positive image on the global stance is once again under the media spotlight after Sri Mulyani, Indonesia current Minister of Finance, offered a new post as Managing Director of World Bank in which she will assign to be in charge of 74 countries in Middle East, East and Asia Pacific. For Indonesian people this new ‘promotion’ for Sri Mulyani stimulates opinion of supportive for Sri Mulyani who has been under harsh criticism of the opposition House members working to investigate on Century case.  The support psychologically shape the belief that “our Minister of Finance is one of the best in the world”, but why does she undergo difficult time in her own country? Once again the notion that the republic has failed to give credit to one of its prominent figure; in remembering the former President Habibie whom acknowledge better in Germany after his final report was rejected by the Upper House in 1999. This feeling of support appears in nations’ facebook users whose status talked about the resignation of Sri Mulyani.

But, as shown in the mass psychology, sentiment that rose in the matter of Sri Mulyani can instigate distrust toward the House which in the last months highly required Sri Mulyani to resign in order to be prosecuted. The population will once again open the veil of belief that Sri Mulyani and Boediono were the scapegoat in the massive conspiracy behind US$ 700 million-Century case. It is possible in the Indonesia political context since the negative sentiment is still fogging the political scenes, even in the past ten years after Reformation.  If the scenario is as I mentioned then political apathy will, in the end, once again capture the younger generation whom the fate of country’s future political history will be on their hands.

Excessive budget used for Inauguration ceremony, housing and luxury facilities of the member of the House, House’s Special Sessions, and raising salary and pension for the legislators are the multiplication factors that influence the formation of belief in the people’s thoughts over politics. The bad news is, as recalled in many articles and seminar, the increasing luxury of political elites is under the expense of (also) increasing economic inequality, number of unemployment and poverty across the republic.  Given this condition it is perfectly sane for the nations people who superficially informed and involve in the nations politics to come up with the notion of Anti-House demonstrations; or put it in more sensible way: for the people to be easily mobilized in the benefits of the political entrepreneur whoever they are.

If the Indonesia people acquire maturity in politics, hopefully we are not hastily “mobilized” by the current worth called ultimate battle of the elites in Indonesian politics. We don’t expect the republic who recently praised by Obama for our pluralism where Islam, democracy, and women empowerment can coexist, experience what used to be called to refer to Thailand politics “bureaucratic polity” and another picture of political stalemate as in Thailand today.

In the other side of this story is the raising anxiety of the opposition sides of the House which represents by the comments addressed in one of television by Hanura’s Faisal Akbar who afraid that the ‘promotion’ of Sri Mulyani as Managing Director for World bank is a scheme for exit strategy to save the face of current government in the on going Century case that is yet to find resolution. Faisal Akbar regrets the World Bank insensitivity of upcoming legal process that awaits Sri Mulyani as one of the responsible party that “allow” the policy to bailed out Century in the sake of—as the member of parliaments addressed—a  non existence threat of domino effect to the financial market of the republic.

As an outsider of the system observes it, I would say that what happens in the resignation of Sri Mulyani is a dilemma in Indonesian politics. In the first picture we see the failure to prove guilty or not Sri Mulyani is under the legal system, and by the same token, a national prestige in the world stage and potential further recognition of Indonesian people in the international fora. This dilemmatic occurrence is happen because the Special Committee of Century case in parliament has lost is momentum to resolve the case as early as the people expected, or borrowing what used against Sri Mulyani in the Century’s special sessions in parliament, the members of the house’s lack of commitment to prompt and legally fashioned solving the Century case; that hope not to be Century-Gate.

Nevertheless, despite of the dilemma of this situation, Sri Mulyani deserves a better and well respected position where she is acknowledged for what she achieved. Regardless the chaos shaped under this circumstances, I believe that Indonesian people will be in greater proud for Sri Mulyani if she proves herself not guilty in the trial, if that is actually happen.

Heru Prama Yuda


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