May 18, 2010 starts with en early, in fact too late dinner, breakfast in a small food kiosk, usually called “burjo” in Yogyakarta, near my dormitory wherein a plate of rice equipped with omelette and spicy sauce. It’s considered enough to cranked up the day.

A little bit different that days before, I did try to change my biological clock to start few hours earlier. In fact, this new recipe provided me more useful and quality time to do quite somethings. Named undergraduate thesis, power point presentation for Globalization class, and a simple thing that I have not been able to enjoy recently, inhaling a morning fresh air.

Wake up early is sure  a benefits, yet temptation to extend hibernation time supported by a lovely pillow and bed most of the times hindered people from this small yet extra ordinary behaviour.  For Muslims, getting up early is, supposed, a habit since Fajr prayer required the 1.2 billion people walk on the face of Earth to open their eyes before the suns overpowered the night darkness. So for Muslims, getting up early is beneficial for they would be able to promptly perform their self devotion in religion. What about for other religious people? Well, the field of psychology proves that wake up in the morning is a good way to reduce stress and help invite good mood throughout the day. Then, economically effcetive way of thinking proves that wake up early give you more time; practically more money to be made. The ancient proverb even have say ‘early birds catch the worms’ which straightforwardly means whoever the faster, they would become the winner.

Reflecting a phrase in the Al Quran, “indeed humans are in misery except for those who have faith and do good deeds; in the respective of times”. Time mismanagement will bring regret in the ends, it also proves the indirect message of avoiding procrastination.

Yet, for students of university who always loaded with tasks which required them to stay up late till midnight, wake up early is surely troubesome. The reason will related to the time for sleep. Is four hours enough? Well, an expert said once that what importance is the quality time of sleep. Two hours of quality time is surely better compare to eight hours stressful sleep with high REM. How we manage this issue?

Well, the formula will be different for each case. But there’s absolutely not useless learning from someone else experience. In order to share what I might call success story today, got to bed early will make you up early if you can find the mechanism to have a high quality time of sleep. Derives from the Hadith of the Prophet Muhammad PBUH, forgiving everyone and clear your heart from grudges will ease your body and mind. This is work for me though. Why don’t you try?

Then, self suggestion can also affect your body readiness to be activated the next day. If you “tell” yourself that you really need to get up early in order to do whatever you need to be done, I am quite sure your body will respond somehow. Then, however, this is not the case if you exhausted after four haours of sports, or under stressful situation. This habit will somehow increase your communication skill toward your inner self.

In other logical frame, morning is an adjustment period of dark to bright. So being there, is a good thing for your eyes, body, mind, and soul in order to be less shocked from the drastic change of lights between night and day.

Therefore, morning is a period you will need to be less stress, more healthy, religiously and economically benefits. So, why not?


One thought on “Morning

  1. That will be a healthy habit, spiritually and physically.
    Go to bed early, is in line with what Our Prophet practiced and encouraged us to do 🙂

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