Disparity is a simple word which means something marked with distinct in quality or character. Therefore, this word also has close relation with inequality, gap, classes, etc. But here, we are not going to talk about the meaning or definition of the word.

As you probably know, the concept of disparity and inequality, and their impacts on human lives have filled the jar of problems in today’s world. Wherever you go, you will find the similar characteristic of society, that is, disparity. If you vividly imagine the live in a village or city, it is almost certainly that you will find someone in the better condition than others, rich club, and the very existence of poverty represented by the miserable live of people whom categorized with the concept of poverty which is usually goes around the money or product they can make. The degree will eventually bigger if your level of analysis lies on a state which comprises more people, and therefore, the scope of disparity can be sensed through many things, like possessions, level of education, preferences, and many more. Also, in the international context, we know the term ‘developed’, ‘developing’ and ‘least developed’ countries which justify the disparity among nations. The groupings of states under the flag of G-8, G-20, G-33, ad many more prove the very existence of this concept we called disparity.


Disparity that happen to be exist in every level of human lives also evolve in many dimensions of our live such as economy, politics, socio-cultural, education, and other things like religion affiliates. Talking about disparity, the magnitude is perceived higher in the economical dimension in which the extent to what degree of disparity can be measured. The concept to scale the disparity of income in a given sample of population can be represented in the coefficient called Gini.   Under the economic or income disparity any other economy and money related activities can project the distinct quality of people, or our fellow brothers and sisters in humanity if you may called.

The distinction of money you produce compare to others will also draw the line which separates you from the other group of people who have different amount on your monthly salary or the type and brand of your cellphones or the amount and variety of shoes in your closet or numbers of TV channels in your cable network or to the very basic things such as what kind of food you eat everyday. Those different preferences sharpen the differences and built some kind of wall separating yourself and your fellow common identity to others whom share not the preferences as you and your groups have.

Based on several things related to economic disparity, categorization of people continue in the form of social status that sometimes build pride and, to other extent; arrogance,  generated from inner group solidarity. The events constitute distinct social status appear in two difference cultural environments. In the hierarchical society like the society in Asia, distinguish social status of one person create a cross-social status relations which bring forward superiority and inferiority of people to the nature of patron-client relations. In the egalitarian society, difference of social status harden the wall of identity of people affiliate with different network, and now step into the geographical locations of residence.

In the form of cultural activities, distinctiveness on social and economical status sometimes event dragged on until the death ceremony of a person. This thing called social status also provide different type of services one gets within their society which also appear in the form of things people o for living. Then, it, once again, arrives and related to the point of economic well being of person, his/her families, and their society.


Under the framework of humanity which highlighted the similarity we have as humans, disparity create problems. It said that the bigger the population of a city, the bigger its criminality. Partly agree on that notion, I would propose that it is the wider disparity that creates more problems. These two distinct groups need a mechanism to channeled the welfare, while professions and charity took the bright side, crimes play the role on the dark side.  May be we remember how the thievery done by the imaginary Robin of Loxley known as Robin Hood is the prototype example of how, to some extent, crimes taken for granted to resolve disparity problems. No. In order to alleviate poverty and bridge social disparity among people, the problem of inequality of welfare need to be addressed seriously.

In the mean time, when the government evolve merely on higher politics, the complexity of problems  as derivative of disparity mushroomed like its in the rainy season.   The higher cost for education is challenged the role of education itself as the gate to break the cyclical poverty and disparity issues. This then stimulate each and every people involve in a race to enrich themselves which creates problems in the bureaucracy like corruption, nepotism, and collusion.  Thence, as a linear process, this complexity makes it harder for any government to deal with social issues if not properly and strategically addressed. In the long run, popular demonstrations which is tricky for its tendency for violent action will become major way for public interest aggregation.  In the end, as the problems remained unresolved, political apathy is what the result of the disparity within the society. (HPY)


4 thoughts on “Disparity

  1. So, here are my comments, I can see you have interesting ideas about disparity however the ideas are scattered around. It seems you are trying to write about disparity in general, which I guess can be done, but it would be much better when writing a specific topic. So for example you can choose to write on how wider disparity can create more problems in society. That topic alone can be a long article. My teachers once said when writing about general topic u usually can not be focus. For example if you write about the topic corruption. Thats an endless topic. But say you choose the topic corruption in the police department in Indonesia. The article will be much more focus and the ideas can flow better and would be understandable to your readers. So my suggestion is to choose a specific topic when writing an article, but then again this is just a kill time writing so no harm done. There r grammar errors, but with practice u’ll be able to fix it. Nice job!

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