Prejudice? Get lost!

It’s almost midnight and the KLM flight KL 0836 had to make the stop in Changi Airport Singapore to clean the mess made by the passengers of that flight which departed from Bali. Seriously, I saw before my eyes how ‘unorganized’ Western travelers can be or perhaps it’s because they have been contaminated by some Indonesian people lack of attention to hygiene and cleanliness. This one person, seemingly Caucasian, littered on the plane and awarded the are-you-really smile from the stewardess.

This scene deconstruct my and may be our general stereotype of people. Like when my friend told me that several of her classmates in France’s well known university do oppose the idea of multiculturalism.


And things cannot go more wrong. As the minority in mostly Westerners, tall, and native speakers of English, French, or Dutch queue before the boarding room, I was treated by fellow Asian man who works as security in Changi airport with strong suspicion of travel document forgery. I can see he took longer time scrutinizing my passport and even asking what I think a question like “Do you have the visa?” I wish I can get him read the point above, right? If only he knew.

However, I figured that like vengeance can’t be resolved by vengeance, stereotype can’t be resolved with vengeance as well. There, I let him has the joyful moment embarrassing himself as I walked into the most unbelievably uptight and to some extent paranoid security procedures in all ASEAN airports. At that moment, I wish I can scream to all Singaporeans, “Loosen up yo!”


Here, let’s anonymously accede that prejudice is embarrassing!


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