The Beauty that is Dawn

Have you ever felt that your world is about to crumble down for the massive demand of problems you need to address? In several countries like Japan and Korea, the next thing people do after having that much pressure is most likely suicidal.

An acquaintance of mine once spent her life in Tibet. As an artist herself, she mentioned to me how living there and understanding the nature help her muse to generate; in my term she was in an inspirational orgasm. One of the reasons is that the slower pace of life with lack of oxygen in the plateau which put people who visit the conflicted area into their contemplation mode. The other secret she said was the transcending horizon people can see from the roof of the world.

I can’t imagine making a lifetime journey to Tibet for spiritualism while I as a muslim still not make the pilgrimage to Mekkah (Mecca). But the horizon experience surely not impossible.

During our flight we usually reach the altitude that is higher than Tibet. The trick is to do it on the right time. For me, the right time will be during the dawn where you can see the ray of red color wave of the Sun contrast the previously black sky and make the presence of the blue possible.


2 thoughts on “The Beauty that is Dawn

  1. kamu ngambil foto itu sendiri ru? bagus banget. sarat maknanya. dalem gitu kalo bahasa gaul. melihat fajar yang menyingsing diantara gelapnya malam itu sesuatu banget, um–terutama bagi yang sedang galau gundah gulana dalam melewati malam. fajar berati akhir dan awal yang baru.

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