Mitigating disaster: Welcome Sandy!

There’s many dimensions to disaster mitigation. Emergency alert system, evacuation drill, stay over the edge for latest news and preparing stocks.

As the frankenstorm Sandy approaches, the people in East Coast, particularly in DC capital belt, are gathering supplies for the unthinkable that might unfolds according to dire forecasts.

The wisdom in prior-to-disaster situation seems like “prepare for the worst and hope for the best”. The media have shown some business to close as the Sandy getting closer. Wave of people fleeing the prone to hit city for safer place has already amassed.

For people like us who live in digital world, there’s one additional threat in this disaster: running out of electricity by which we fueled our need to our virtual reality. How should we update our facebook status, tweet, and end email when the digital infrastructure is down. Well, like any response during austerity situation, we just have to deal with it. Maybe it’s good to interact in the real reality once in a while.

When I walked into grocery store in the neighborhood just now, I saw the aisles were filled with concern citizens since the possibility for blackout in US capital is almost certain. The number of costumers were significantly increase compare to regular business days. In the short run, the incoming disaster will boost consumption prior to the heyday for Sandy but it will be close to nothing during the period when storm hit and people safe in their home-bunkers.

Above all, there’s only one prescription in facing difficult times like this: don’t panic, especially when you are about to buy supplies in the grocery store. Be safe!


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