Short Video Competition on 2012 US Presidential Election for SAISers

Dear SAISers,

Having much time during hurricane-school-off time? Want to do something challenging, rewarding, and viable at the same time? Check this out!


Competition on short video of 20-30 seconds on 2012 US Presidential Election

Detail please:

Participants are to submit their short footage (uploaded, emailed, or provided link) that covers at least two of the followings to

  • Your opinion on 2012 Presidential Election (PE)
  • Your impression on the subsequent Presidential Debate
  • Your prediction of who will triumph the election
  • Why should people vote in 2012 PE?
  • Other issue that you think others might overlooked in 2012 PE


  • Creativity
  • Substance of the opinion

Why should you bother?

  • Free dinner at local Asian restaurant (tbd)
  • Selected video will be edited and compiled into one single footage to be submitted for screening by US Embassy in Jakarta on the eve of the Election Day, Nov 6, at @america Pacific Place, Jakarta
  • Challenge yourself to be eloquent and substantive in 20 seconds! This can be a valuable asset for your future career ๐Ÿ™‚

I am interested, when is the deadline?

  • Submit you footage, link to with subject [Footage US PE 2012-Your Name]

How do I know if mine is selected?

Final version of the footage will be uploaded to facebook and your name will be tagged! I will be contacting you for dinner schedule ๐Ÿ™‚


Address to Heru P. Yuda (Facebook)/ @herupyuda (twitter)

Other way to participate:

Send me your take on the US Presidential Election 2012 in one short paragraph ๐Ÿ™‚


I am responsible for the contain of this announcement and this is not an official competition issued by US Embassy in Jakarta. This is the way I can contribute to the spread of information for the people in Indonesia as one of YES alumni. By submitting your piece, you agree to give up the rights to publish the footage to me, but don’t worry, I will mention your name in the credit title ๐Ÿ™‚


Good luck!


Heru P. Yuda



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