Too much focused, it went astray

In less than 48 hours the US will have voted for their next President though parts of the population who cared enough to participate in this massive democratic enterprise. With humongous amount of money (around 11 billion USD*) spent to convince the voters to elect the candidate and not his opponent.

As the fight come to its final stage, polling houses predicted that both candidates will divide the votes almost fifty-fifty. Some even predicted a disaster scenario (or maybe a good one for those looking for the end of bipartisanship) that the ticket will be split between the two party. Given the configuration in the HOR and Senate, the most likely result of this scenario (if it really happens) will be Romney and Biden as President and VP respectively. Which in my opinion, will be the avoid-that-thought scenario. If it does happen though, a series of votes scrutiny will be conducted like the one in 2000.

In order to avoid such cataclysmic end, the candidates are now massively concentrated on the swing states like Virginia, Florida, and Ohio. Especially the last one, since there is this myth that a Republican candidate wont win recent Presidential race without winning Ohio and Romney seems to be not interested in breaking the myth.

The final days of the campaign even given the impression that this campaign will go to whatever Ohio has to say and other states, by being decisive, gradually become irrelevant. Maybe this is one reason why the turnout voters in US election seems to be and will remain low if there’s no change happen in the configuration.

By focusing on these swing states, and rather too much of it, US democracy is hugely deficit in the electoral dimension and astray as it conceivably take for granted the decisive voters. Not to mentioned the outdated electoral college system that grow less proportionate to the spread of population.

One supporting claim to this deficit is there happened to be no punishing power from the electorate towards unsuccessful political offices as the voters seems to be loyal to the party in the big picture. This treat is so comfortable to the party that it lead them away from each other, towards their own corner.

One interesting scenario I have in my mind though is that other states are just got sick of this attention given to the three states mentioned above and decide they are going to be a swing states as well.

What would US Presidential election look like with 50 states are swing undecided voters’ states? My answer, it would be a lot more exciting race with widespread attention that is not confined to several constituents. The down side, however, there will be more money spent on the election.


*imagine if this amount, or even half of it, was used to start a company that can create jobs for the unemployed, then the number of unemployment will not going to be that staggering high


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