An Escape in Hua-Hin part 2

Earlier story is here.

Arriving in Hua-Hin was felt like a huge relief. Imagine you were on a heavily turbulent flight and finally landing, but this time it was not a plane, a minivan instead! For some and many reasons, walking was unprecedentedly fun after that ride with a bravados minivan driver.

I heard from a friend before that Hua-Hin was much a quieter place compare to compact Pattaya Beach. That’s the perfect reason why I chose Hua-Hin. 

Before I can enjoy the beach, I decided to secure my way back to Bangkok first. Of course minivan is off my list. The much preferred means of transport for this time is train. The famous Hua-Hin train station is only 300-500 meters from where the minivan stop.


The trip back to Bangkok is at least four hour ride. And since AC-ed and economy class were on the same concatenation, I always opt for the cheaper. However, at the fare gate, the officer said that the economy is not available for the train that would be leaving from 4.00 pm. My other option is an economy train. Sadly, the train would depart at 2.00 pm. It means that I have four hours to wander. Not so fast! He also said that I have to return to the train station at 1.00 to purchase the ticket. What?! That’s seem very inefficient! But, well, with limited Thai language ability, I guess I can’t effectively complain. 

Alright then, let’s utilize the next three hours up to its maximized point! (Sound very economics, heh?)

Thank God, that satani rot fai (train station) is only ten minutes walk from the nearest shore. So, in no time I found myself exposed to the limitless horizon. The clear blue sky may not had been there, but the sea wind, the sound of waves after another crashing the khaki sand, and the long shore are there to welcome me. 


It’s true what people said that you can wash your worries and stress away with the retracting wave.  

The Hua-Hin beach has a long shore and there’s a small hill at the end with a small temple. Walking in the shore or riding a horse with 300 baht for 30 minutes are the options you can do with limited budget. If you have more to spend, staying at one of the resorts is also a great idea. 



I spent my three hours walking alongside this shore taking pictures. But then I regret the fact that I was only arrive after 10.00 am. While, all photographers know that, the best picture is at 8-9 am and around 4.00 in the afternoon. Nevertheless, I was still enjoying my sunbath, if you can call it that way. I did hope that I brought my swimwear so that I can taste the warmth of clear sea water. 



When I write this, I realize that putting everything into words is very challenging. Therefore, I let the pictures do it works. 

Sometime around noon, the beach is very quite as people are moving into restaurants or some place less humid. The same goes for me. I headed back to the train station to check on the fare.  This time it’s a different officer. She told me that the ticket for economy class only available 30 minutes before the train depart. What a letdown!

Meanwhile, the other visitors were happy enough taking pictures in the station.


For me? I walked into the next door cafe. Not long after my coffee is ready, I saw a train arriving. It was not 2.00 pm yet. In fact, it’s still around 1.00. Confused and not wanting to stranded even longer, I sipped my hot coffee and run for the train without the ticket. I asked the security of the train to confirm that the destination of the train is Bangkok. When he nodded, I hopped in after he said I could come aboard and pay for 44 baht fare to him. An honest man, I think. If it was in Indonesia, I would have been charged double the price at least.

Finally, there I was sitting in an economy cabin with few fans and two older women in front of my seat. One treat in riding an economy cabin is that the people are more chatty and not so confined to their gadgets. Despite my lack of language understanding, I did enjoy riding to Bangkok with them. In fact, one in particular made sure that I got into the right bus after the train arrived in Thonburi Station.   


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