Ananta Samakorn Throne Hall

Ananta Samakorn Throne Hall

Based on a recommendation from a Thai friend, I visited Ananta Samakorn Throne Hall in Dusit area. This European architecture building is home for magnificent works of arts from artisans of Queen Sirikit Institute.

Generally, the artworks are rich in details, embellished in gold and silver as well as greenish beetle-inspired color. Seeing through the art you can be inundated with the level of patience those works were created.

Several noteworthy collections are: the ancient embroidery technique depicting “Inay”–a folk tale by King Rama II. According to my friend, Inay is referring to the current Indonesia. This masterpiece come in 5 x 4 m dimensions dominated with pink color in the background and realistic embroidery for natural images, including humans.

The second master piece is the thick wood carving in two sided continuous story. I guess posting a picture of both arts can give thousand better words than mine. So, I truly recommend this place for tourists. WIth 150B (~5 USD) you can enter the hall and stand in awe while listening to the descriptions of the items in front of your eyes.


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