How’s Twitter affecting your writing?

Netizens of twitter-verse may or may not have realized how Twitter affecting their sentences pattern. One of the most imminent indicator of twitter 140 character influencing our writing is the ubiquitous use of hashtag (#) which is meant to aggregate topics in twitter. More often than we noticed, hashtag has been exported across social media regardless of the necessity of doing so; just because we are so familiar in using it in twitterverse.

Second on the list is the twitter-related new words: tweet, retweet, mention (add a definition), twitterverse, big whale (verified user with more than 100K followers), and it also affecting the way we perceive the relations between a follower and a followed user. Should friend follow each other in twitter? Does ‘not following’ means that we are not friend anymore? And for some, counting the number of mentions, retweet, and favorited tweets has become another means of self-actualization.

Third, and final in my list, is our short and less-than-140-character or less-than-15 words-a-sentence grammatical style. See above and prove this point. Of course this is not for everyone. In a way it’s good to teach us how to make a concise sentences to get our points across. But, in a way, it may reduce our grammatical variation of short and long sentences, and simple and compound complex sentences.

Do you have anything to add to the list? 


2 thoughts on “How’s Twitter affecting your writing?

  1. i agree more with your second point. we start thinking is that person important enough for us to “follow” his/her life or not. tho in real life, i think everyone is important but it is hard to maintain and following everyone’s timeline in twitter.

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