A message from a maestro

A message from a maestro

Last Friday, The Embassy of Indonesia in Washington, DC, hosted its former boss, Prof. Dorodjatun Kontoro-Jakti. Pak Tun, as he described himself, talked about Indonesia’s economic prospect after 2014 election. If I have to summarize from his presentation, there are two takeaway notes. One, on the brink of demographic dividend, Indonesia’s youth must participate to elect the leaders who will prepare our country to reap the benefits. Otherwise, It will forever be a mere projection and at the end of the day the forecasters can getaway with it by saying something like “We made an err” or “We did not consider this variable and that parameter”. It is the next government and the young people who will manifest this prediction and turn it into reality. Two, in order to obtain the aforementioned goal, we must focus! That is what the maestro said. He alluded one clue we can start to think about. For several centuries now, Indonesia have been denying its innate character as maritime country and archipelago. It’s best to revert back to that.


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