First time nearby gunshots



The map above is the perfect location where I was when I hear the first out-of-the-blue gunshots on the street.

Exactly, last night after finishing my duty in The Performing Indonesia in The Freer and Sackler Gallery of The Smithsonian Institute, I headed back home with my friend. Few hundred yards from the Takoma Metro Station, I heard my phone rang. It’s from my boss asking something he forgot to do. 


After hanging up with my boss, we cross the Whittier Street to continue our steps back home alongside the 4th street. There and then, we heard several gunshots. I was shocked. I knew that the area where I live is not well-known for its safety, but I have yet to come across this situation. 


So, my many-action-movie subconsciousness responded. We change the nature of our walks and proceed cautiously. At the same time we were discussing the occurrence of similar event in Baltimore, another US city with high crime rates where my friend study and lives.


As we get closer home, I was asking whether we should call for 911 or not. Before my friend answer, I, as usual, jumped into conclusion that maybe somebody even closer already did that. As it turned out someone did. After making the last turn and few steps away from front gate, we saw a silent police car patrolling and seeking the perpetrator of the gunshots. Hoping to hear it from the midnight news, we hurriedly entering the house and turned the TV on. Nothing.


As day over, we do hope that the police catch the bad guy(s).


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