Once in a Lifetime Decision


In the highland within the vicinity of Mediterranean Sea lives a young man. He was raised and taught by his grandfather. His parents have already passed away for several years now. His name is Jorge.

As Jorge comes to age, Antonio, his grandfather, wants to teach him a lesson that will graduate Jorge from his childhood and teenage thinking. Also, Antonio thought that his time in this world is almost elapse.

One morning, Antonio called Jorge before him.

“My dear Jorge,” he said in smile “I need you to do something for me”

“Anything for you grandpa,” replied Jorge.

“I fear, my child, that I will soon bid farewell to this life. I want to bequeath the land in the West Valley for you with one condition,” Antonio said and paused.

Growing curious, Jorge said “What condition, Grand?”

“Patience, child, patience,” uttered Antonio.

After seeing his grandson is ready for his words, Antonio continue, 

“You must plant the valley with the best seed of wheat you can find in the Northwest. In finding the best seed, you must not look back. And you cannot pick the seed that you already passed. You simply cannot return to them. It’s a linear journey, I must say.”

Jorge left in confusion as Antonio requested him to start as soon as possible.

Jorge then walked and walked to the Northwest searching  for the best seed he could find. He was inundated in doubt. He does not want to miss any best quality seed while at the same time there maybe other seeds better than what he would have picked.

He walked through several wheat fields in the Northeast without realizing he already passed them all without deciding which one is the best seed. Although throughout his seeking he fond towards one seed, he did not dare to solicited it. 

Feeling disappointed and afraid, Jorge return to Antonio with this sad news.

“Grand, I missed my opportunity to pick the right seed” said Jorge.

As though he was anticipating that from his grandson, Antonio said “Come here sit next to me child”

Jorge approached.

“So, from all of those wheat, do you think you know which one is good and bad?” asked Antonio

“I think so,” Jorge paused, “but, I can’t decide grandpa. I am afraid to fail you” he resumed.

Antonio tapped his grandson’s shoulder and said “Jorge, life is just a more complicated things of what you just did. We try to find something the best in other people’s eyes and yet, we forget to count our own view”

“If that’s what we do, searching in the sea of options, before long we realized we just missed all the opportunities we thought we had,” explained the grandpa.

“So, what should I do grand?” Jorge curiously asked.

“Take your pick, make a decision, and confidently live with it while bearing the responsibility of whatever the consequences of that decision may be. And, most importantly, be happy with your own decision and do not ever let others make that once in a lifetime decision for you,” concluded Antonio. 


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